LogWorks with EvoScan logs

If you have a Innovate WideBand, you may have used Innovate’s LogWorks program.
It contains some very powerful log analyzer, graphing, and map tracing functions.
Previously LogWorks had a plug-in for MUT-II logging, but it wasn’t well supported, and was discontinued in LogWorks 3.

This guide explains how to convert an EvoScan .CSV log to a LogWorks .DIF log.

LogWorks is free to owners of Innovate products, and can be downloaded here:

First you will need to convert your EvoScan .CSV to a .DIF file.

DeepNine has made an online conversion utility to do this.

It is located here:

Follow the directions and upload your log.

Then do a Right Click and Save As on the link.
The file will be named something like: 2nd_gear._c2bd103e0ce3d99187b2911b44187f0c.dif
The extra periods in the filename can confuse Windows and LogWorks, so rename to something like: 2nd_gear.dif

Now you can use the .DIF log with LogWorks.

I have tested this with CeddyMods EvoScan logs and it works perfect.  Other EvoScan .xmls may not work.

LogWorks uses a 0.082 second interval for each sample.  Because of this the time line won’t be correct.

Examples of LogWorks graphs: