Tuning is as much an art as science.

Here are some of the methods I use with success, others my take a different approach.


The minimum equipment required are:

  • Laptop/NetBook
  • Cable
  • Logger
  • WideBand


As long your Laptop is powerful enough to run Windows XP, it is good enough for logging.

I have a old 500 Mhz, 256 MB Laptop I use.  Its very slow to load, but logs just fine.


The OpenPort 2.0 cable is needed for Flashing, and can be used for logging also.

The VAG 409.1 cables can be had on ebay for less then $20.
I often use one of these for logging because:

  • They’re cheap.  Don’t worry about being broken or stolen.
  • They’re faster.  Because it isn’t a Pass-Thru design, it is 10-20% faster then the OpenPort 2.0
  • They’re compatible, use same FTDI chip set as OpenPort 1.3.  Just select OpenPort 1.3 in EvoScan
  • They’re rugged.  I always worry about bumping my 2.0 cable and breaking it, or yanking the USB cable.


EvoScan is pretty much the standard for logging.  Its affordable and does a lot.


When selecting a WideBand a few things should be taken into consideration.

  • Minimum AFR reading.  Many WideBands are geared toward NA cars, and won’t read below 10:1 AFR.
  • Serial Logging.  Logging WideBand is a must.  EvoScan supports: Innovate LC-1 and LM-1, AEM UEGO, and Zeitronix ZT-2.
  • Replacement Sensor cost.

I have the Innovate LC-1 and XD-16 Gauge.  While it isn’t perfect, I think its the best out there at an affordable price.

I have heard from others that the Zeitronix is a very good unit.

AEM seems to make changes to their WideBand frequently, so if you are not using it with a AEM EMS it can be troublesome to configure.
95% of EvoScan users with WideBand logging issues are AEM owners, check some of the Evo forums.
People who use the analog output complain that the voltage formula is different in units manufactured at different times.


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