Welcome to the site.

This is my site dedicated to Mitsubishi H8 ECU tuning.

CeddyMods is my group of modifications for stock ROMs that add features like Launch Control, Big Maps, and Speed Density.  And removes limits and restrictions the stock ROMs have like Fuel Cut, Speed Limiter, and AirFlow Limits.

I currently have CeddyMods for the 2G DSMs and the Evo5 and 6s.

If you are looking for a CeddyMod download you can find it in the Store.


I have also made EcuFlash definitions for many other vehicles, they can be found in ROMs & EcuFlash Defs.


On this page you will find my posts.  You can use the menu above to view my pages.  There is also a Forum if you have any questions.


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Happy tuning,


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Lenovo G530 Laptop Power Beep

Not really tuning related, adding this post for people with the same issue, as the solution isn’t easily found.


Every time you unplug or plug in the power cord on a G530 it makes a very loud beep.

You can’t disable this in BIOS.


In Windows 7:

- Click on the ‘Speaker’ icon on the Taskbar (the volume slider control should popup)

- Click on the ‘Speaker’ icon on top of the Volume slider control

- On the new window that opens, click on the Levels tab

- Click (de-select) on the ‘PC Speaker’ mute checkbox

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New Forum!

Upgraded to a new forum.

Was using phpBB3, now using Simple Machines Forum.

Everything seems to have transferred over, just need to fix a few posts.

SMF is much more nicer. ;)

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How Manual Transmission Works.

A 4-Speed Manual Transmission shifting.

Good visualization of how shifting works.


4-Speed, Shifting, Transmission

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CeddyMods DSM Boost Gauge Behavior


CeddyMod’s Boost Gauge behavior before starting the car and after a successful Flash.

The Boost Gauge needle slowly swings up and down.

Boost Gauge, CeddyMod, DSM, EcuFlash, H8, Knock Gauge, Tuning

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Launch Control – Two Step


Testing Launch Control’s Two Step at 4,000 RPM.

CeddyMod, DSM, EcuFlash, H8, Launch Control, Tuning

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Speed Density first run.


First successful run of Speed Density, on my old Talon.

CeddyMod, DSM, H8, Speed Density, Tuning

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1G DSM Load Axis Divisions


Most of the 1G software and TunerPro .xdf have the timing and fuel map load axis divisions simply labeled 1 to 12.

This leaves much to be desired when you are trying figure where you are on a map.

I wrote this conversion chart to help the 1G guys out.

1G, DSM, eprom, Load, Tuning

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